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God Opens Doors

I know, a cliche, right? But I do, in fact, find this true. I think it comes from the understanding that God is in control of everything and the best thing for us to do is to give it over to Him.

That being said, I’ve experienced this personally of late in things such as starting a Bible study with my best friend and our schedules fitting together that I stop at her place on my way home from work (a pretty big feat if you don’t know my crazy work/drive schedule). This allows us time with each other each week as before we were only able to get together maybe once a month.

God has also opened doors for me to grow my photography. Ways of getting my photography out to others and bringing people into my path who are looking for photo sessions. This is pretty big to me!

Then a few weeks ago, I was headed to Bible study when it started snowing really bad. I made it to my friend’s place just fine, but mom texted me not too long after saying dad had just arrived home and said conditions were getting bad. She then suggested a sleepover at my friend’s place. Blessedly, my friend and her family are so generous and let me spend the night. As we were talking, my friend said, “I see this as God telling us that He will make a way for us to spend time together.”

And most recently, I’ve been chastising myself for not working on my writing like I should be doing. Just yesterday, a friend contacted me about joining her and some others in writing short stories weekly. I see this as another message from God, saying, “I will make a way for things.”

I’ve had a few crazy months of spiritual growth and I’m glad to be content in the knowledge that God has plans greater than mine and He knows the whole story, unlike I who can only see the next step.