2013 International Christian Retail Show

Today was our last day here in St Louis, MO at the International Christian Retail Show. It was an awesome experience and I hope that I got word of my books out there! I’ve handed out 250 book cards (info cards with the book picture and the details) and I’ve handed out probably 100 or so business cards. I’ve made connections with some higher people, and there are lots of possibilities for us to expand in the near future!

I had fun meeting with other authors, especially being able to give some of them my books! I hope that they will find it interesting and hopefully they will help spread the word of them!

Though tomorrow is the last day of the show, we will not be there tomorrow. Sadly, we have to go back to work. But, I can promise you that I will be finding more time to write from now on! I can now see how big of a career I could have in this industry!

Blessings to you all! Please look through some of the pictures from the book show!







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